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Berliner Colloquien zur Zeitgeschichte

Berliner Colloquienzur Zeitgeschichte

Trans-Bloc Knowledge Circulation in the Cold WarHosts: Elke Seefried and Malte Rolf

2 and 3 December, 2016

The Berlin Colloquium on »Trans-Bloc Knowledge Circulation in the Cold War« discussed the transnational exchange of knowledge during the Cold War. Approaches using the history of culture and knowledge have been gaining recognition in recent years. New studies have shown that people, ways of thinking and bodies of knowledge overcame the defined frontiers of the Cold War despite the rigidities of the rival blocs. The Colloquium focused on this trans-bloc exchange of knowledge in the history of the Cold War.  

Regarding the circulation and transfer of knowledge in various fields hones our understanding of transnational ties while making its own contribution to the lively debate on how best to interpret the Cold War. Processes of direct appropriation and transfer were just as much of a part here as indirect, reciprocal means of influence taking, spurred by the rivalry of systems as well as scientific competition. The discussion revolved around four topics: 

1) Experts in the Cold War
2) Exchange and Rivalry in the Sciences
3) Institutions and Channels of Interaction
4) West-East and the »Third World« (Competitive courting; development experts; population science; debates on »sustainable development«) 

The conference was held in German.



Interview with Elke Seefried and Malte Rolf

Klaus Gestwa live at the Einstein Forum (in German)